Midsummer Shiatsu Special – June 2017


Yoga Shiatsu with Heidi Dore in Dundee & Fife
Shiatsu makes you buzz like a Balmerino honey bee in midsummer

TO CELEBRATE the sweetness of honeysuckle and peony rose, the juiciness of home grown gooseberries and greens, I am offering a midsummer Shiatsu treatments for £30 – a 25% discount on the normal session – until Friday June 30th. Allow 75 minutes for this Japanese holistic therapy to work mind and body from head to toe.

Shiatsu combines delicious dreamy sensations – with an invigorating work out. It uses elbows to get into niggly shoulder bits  – and the full body weight of the therapist to release tight muscles in the back of the thigh, if appropriate.

Yoga Shiatsu with Heidi in Dundee Fife Brighton
Walking through a scented bower is therapy in itself.

Treatments are available in the idyllic Fife coastal villages of Newport-On-Tay and Balmerino. It is only a few miles from Dundee and getting there is part of the therapy.

Shiatsu boosts mood and energy levels and releases tension with stretches, manipulations and the acupressure points used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. It is popular with people with MS and Parkinson’s Disease and has been successfully used in NHS mental health services. It is also favoured by cancer sufferers in centres such as Penny Brohn.  Clients who came to me during pregnancy say it helped them give birth remarkably swift and easily – within a few hours of the session and with minimal pain relief.

Shiatsu and yoga with Heidi Dore in Brighton, Newport on Tay and Dundee
Shiatsu is like Juicy homegrown greens.

It is a hands on therapy – but talking and listening are part of the process too, so it’s fine if you have stuff to get off your chest. Above all Shiatsu is ENJOYABLE. It pushes PAUSE on the hectic everyday, giving a sense of being connected and supported by another human being while opening your body and mind to new possibilities.

I love my garden and draw inspiration and comfort from nature. I like to think Shiatsu is like my juicy homegrown greens – it boosts vitality but keeps you down to earth.  You can go for a fancy dressing if you choose – but at heart it is very basic. And it will leave you buzzing with the honey bees.

I am lucky to have made my other Shiatsu base at the Studio of the wonderful British artist Freya Payne in Newport-On-Tay,  Fife, where many original pieces of sculpture, painting and prints are displayed. Tenderly crafted, with scrupulous attention to detail and sensitivity to human frailty,  Freya’s impulses as an artist are in sympathy with what I’m trying to achieve as a therapist. The gentle, therapeutic vibe of this space is ideal for Shiatsu.

Sisyphus by Freya Payne Soothing Shiatsu by Heidi in Newport-On-Tay
Sisyphus – Freya Payne’s etching is a sympathetic interpretation of the troubled Greek Mythical figure

The Studio is on the ground floor and accessible for people with mobility problems, with free parking nearby. Visitors from outside the Newport area will be impressed by the fantastic views across the Tay and wonderful walks along the nearby Fife Coastal Trail. There are also charming cafes, an art gallery and award winning restaurant at The Newport a few minutes from the Studio.