Yoga and Shiatsu in Brighton with Heidi
Heidi’s Yoga and Shiatsu practice is down to earth and inspired by nature. We begin at the level of the physical body, the part of ourselves that is most concrete and accessible to all

I do holistic therapies for the body and mind using Yoga and the Japanese healing art Shiatsu. The techniques include powerful bodywork using fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows and knees to stimulate pressure points. I also use Yoga asana to strengthen and stretch the body, breathing techniques to expand the lungs and release tension and meditation to still the mind.

Although most people come for help with physical problems such as a bad back or sports injury, they usually have the broader aim of wanting to feel happier, managing stress, making big life changes or dealing with events such as bereavements, break-up or redundancy. Shiatsu and Yoga are brilliant techniques for transforming turbulent emotions, mental confusion and soothing all manner of aches and pains. In 2017, researchers at Harvard and Columbia found two classes of yoga combined with slow breathing techniques significantly reduced symptoms for people with severe depression, after just 12 weeks.

Yoga Shiatsu with Heidi in Dundee Fife Brighton
Walking through a scented bower is therapy in itself.

Treatments are tailored to individual needs.  Allow 75 minutes for the first session which begins with a consultation so I can understand how you are currently feeling and how you would ideally like to feel . In Yoga and Shiatsu we deal with the outer or most manifest symptoms first Рstiff neck, painful shoulders, tight hamstrings, bloating, headaches before moving inward to deal with emotional or psychological issues. The process is pleasurable, safe and effective.